England Bristol Mission

Sister Dorothy Noorlander

Pictured: Sis. Noorlander's mission assignment/change board photo (located in the mission home), which appeared with the other missionary photos.

Elder David A. Bednar giving General Conference address April 2017.

A principle pertaining to the great work of preaching the gospel is contained in Sis. Noorlander’s call. Elder David A. Bednar taught, “An assignment to labor in a specific place is essential and important but secondary to a call to the work.” General Conference, April 2017.

Sis. Noorlander was assigned to serve in the England Leeds Mission. A month later, her assignment was changed to the England Bristol Mission.

Pictured: Sis. Noorlander and Sis. Olsen. Bristol, England. June 1991.

Dorothy Noorlander's mission call

Mission call and assignment by Pres. Ezra Taft Benson. Sis. Noorlander was called as a missionary, assigned to the England Leeds Mission. Her assignment was changed a month later.

Dorothy Noorlander's change of assignment.

Change in assignment by Pres. Ezra Taft Benson. See General Conference talk by Elder David A. Bednar, "Called to the Work," General Conference, April 2017.

With every calling comes a release. Sis. Noorlander received her release from the England Bristol Mission, May 20, 1992. Pres. Pugsley wrote, “Sister Pugsley and I feel sad as we contemplate your return home following a wonderfully devoted and successful mission.”

Sis. Noorlander’s release letter from Pres. Pugsley, who wrote: “You are an exemplary Latter-day Saint and a faithful servant.”

Sis. Noorlander’s official release from the England Bristol Mission, which she received from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

The letter Pres. Pugsley sent to Sis. Noorlander’s stake president upon her release from the mission. President Olsen released Sis. Noorlander as a missionary May 31, 1992.

President Bruce L. Olsen

Highlights from Pres. Pugsley’s letter to Pres. Olsen:

“[Sis. Noorlander] was a successful missionary and was faithful and diligent in her assignments.”

“She was responsive to counsel and exemplary in her personal conduct.”

“She…affected the lives of many people for good.”


Sept. 14, 1991. Sis. Noorlander in the mission office behind her desk. The photo was taken by Elder Poullon.

Dorothy Noorlander's mission call

Dorothy Noorlander's change of assignment.