England Bristol Mission

Sister Dorothy Noorlander

Pictured: Sis. Noorlander's mission assignment/change board photo (located in the mission home), which appeared with the other missionary photos.

Small Sampling of Letters

Sis. Noorlander wrote and received many letters. What follows is a small selection that, taken together, reveal something about her testimony and commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ, and also the esteem of those who worked with her in the mission field.

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Dorothy Noorlander with missionaries

Sis. Pugsley (at the piano) and Sis. Noorlander with missionaries.


October 6, 1991

Dear Shelly,

Congratulations on your decision to be baptized. I am so proud of you! You have had and overcome so many struggles and there will be days when you will still have them, but now you know that God will always be there to help you get through them when you ask Him for help. Always remember, that two people can do anything as long as one is the Lord.

The Church is true! This is the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have a living Prophet, President Ezra Taft Benson, who guides this Church here on the earth. I love it with all my heart and I don’t know what I would do if I had to go through this life without having the perfect example of the Savior to follow and help me as I reach out for guidance in the things I should be doing to help me get back to my Heavenly Father.

Read the scriptures everyday – the answers to all our problems are there if we only seek for them. The Savior is my best friend – make Him yours. He loves you!

I love you and Vincent. We will always be eternal friends.

All my love,
Sister (Dorothy) Noorlander

Read the Baptismal promise often in Mosiah 18:8-10.


Only a wicked and adulterous generation could live in a mess like this…

“Sister Noorlander, we know we’ve asked and asked our landlady to fix the hole in the floor, but maybe you should have waited ’til Monday to call her to repentance.”

Help!! Sister Noorlander.


April 6, 1991

Sister Noorlander,

Wow! Wasn’t that awesome? I felt such a special spirit. What can I say? I know the Church is true. God lives!

Thank you for joining us and sharing in that special spirit. You are so good!!! Please pray for Shannon every night and morning. If you feel like doing something special for her – such as leaving a note at her office – I think that would be a beautiful idea.

I love her too – as God would have us love her. She is special, and I pray she grasps hold of the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

Sure love ya – Elder Llewellyn


Dear Elder Danny,

I couldn’t let you leave the mission without telling you of my love and admiration for you. I thank you for being a strong and valiant example of dedicated service to me and all the missionaries in EBM.

I appreciated our few minutes talk on that last Sunday. I not only heard what you were saying, I could feel what you were saying.

Serving in the office, and working with and feeling the strength of spiritual giants like you, has been a humbling experience for me. It is truly a testimony to me, that the strongest and most valiant spirits were saved to be born in this the last hour of the last days.

I would like to tell you what a very wise Stake President told my nephew when he released him from his mission. He said, “Kent, your life from this day forward will be like a three legged stool. One leg represents your future family, one leg represents your church activity, and the other leg represents your chosen profession or life’s work. If anyone of these legs get out of balance you will fall. That is the same with your life. To be successful in all three areas you must keep them balanced. Always remember that and I promise you a very happy and successful life.” Kent has always used that counsel as a guide and President Chalker’s promise to him has come true.

I will miss the times you dropped in for a short visit. I’ll miss the spiritual thoughts you always left us with, and the opportunity of kneeling in prayer with you and your companion as you prayed for us. When you don’t have the priesthood in your home any more that is a special blessing and it always warmed my heart.

I will miss you so very much, but I wouldn’t want you back here. You now have a solid foundation on which to build a wonderful life on. You served so well as a called and set-apart representative of Jesus Christ and the Church, that now you need to get on with all the important things that Heavenly Father has in store for you.

I would like to say to you what the Savior would say to you if He were here today - “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

May our Father in Heaven shower you with his choicest blessings always.

Keep faithful - keep happy - keep the commandments. I love you! Remember my young friend, "that in a full heart there is room for everything - in an empty heart there is room for nothing."


Much love, Sister Noorlander


17 March 1992

Dear Sir,

I have an interest in your religion and I have found your pamphlet most absorbing.

I understand that is is possible to have a free copy of the Book of Mormon sent to me.

I would like to look at this in the privacy of my own home and prefer not to have anybody call at my home.

This is a genuine request.

Should I wish to take the matter further then I shall contact you.

If you are unable to deal with the matter on this basis then I should be grateful if you would ignore this letter.

Yours sincerely,

J. M. Powell

Sis. Noorlander’s response:

20 March 1992

Hello –

Thank you for you request for the Book of Mormon. We are so glad that you found an interest by reading the pamphlet.

Please feel free to contact this office for any further information you might like to have or for any questions you may need answered.

Have a nice day!

Sister D. Noorlander

Office Staff


September 20, 1990

Dear President Jones,

Thank you for your letter welcoming me to your mission. It was quite a surprise coming from Bristol, as my call was to England Leeds. It was a little confusing until I received a phone call from Brother Ross Ekins, a member of the missionary committee, explaining the circumstances. He assured me that is where the Lord had called me, so that is where I want to be. My ancestors all came to the United States from both England and Wales, which makes it extra exciting for me...

I am thrilled, excited, and a little scared to serve a mission again. However, I know my testimony, faith and great love for the Lord and the Gospel of Jesus Christ will sustain and help me to be equal to this call if I do my part and serve faithfully.

I have visited your beautiful country and I am looking forward to seeing it again, and to meeting you and Sister Jones.

Best regards,

Sister Dorothy Noorlander


Dear Mrs. Clarkson,

Belinda called and said Randall had passed away. You have been very much on my mind since then. My prayers have gone heavenward in your behalf, so that you will find the peace and comfort you need to sustain you at this time of your sadness.

Randall was a good man as you have said, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is in the care of a loving Heavenly Father. He has been called home to be received into a state of happiness, which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace, where he shall rest from all his troubles and cares.

Mrs. Clarkson, the times in my life when I have lost someone very dear to me, are the times when I have had a personal witness through the power of the Holy Ghost those things are true. Through that knowledge and belief I have found so much strength and peace. Our church doctrines teach these truths.

I am your friend and I love you. If you need me, please call anytime. My flat number is 731-768, and the office number is 621-939.

The Lord loves you and will never leave you alone in your sorrow. Talk to Him often through prayer.

I will look forward to a visit.

Much love,
Sister Noorlander


Miss Olive Richardson
105 St. John's Rd.
Frome Somerset

Dear Sister Noorlander,

It gives me so much joy and happiness to write you of my conversion, and the miracle which has changed my life completely.

July 2nd, 1991, I met Elder Pospisil and Elder Burton, two missionaries in the Frome area. I was feeling so very low in spirit. I was 75 years old, and for the pat 32 years I had suffered with rhuematism and osteoarthritis in all small joints, which was getting no better. The doctors could not help me. For the past 3 years I had been unable to travel, only walk on level ground, no steps, ect. My family lives over 250 miles up country and I have not been able to vis them. My balance was also weak and I had many falls. Life was slowly slippying away. I could not get a grip of myself.

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The two smartly dressed gents crossed the road and we had a chat. I felt they could help me. I was brought up in a Christian home. Dad was a lay preacher in the Methodist chapel. In those days the chapels and churches had interest, but sad to say times have changed.

The missionaries called at my home and invited me to their Church on the following Sunday, providing transport. I found at church a real welcome and friendship, happiness and prayers from the heart. I knew this was a true way life.

On Tuesday July 9th the Elders came to my home and after a chat and a lesson, Elder Pospisil said, "I would like to pray for you Olive." That prayer was the most sincere, deep prayer (words fail me), and one knew something was happening. They said, “Bye bye, see you on Thursday.”

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I went to wash my hand, and drying them I found they were relaxed. The joints were moving without pain. I could not believe it. I slowly moved my feet, knees, and shoulders. Everywhere, all joints were relaxed without pain. Tears of joy just flowed.

I went for a walk and met friend and stranger, who had seen me around, who could not believe the change in me. I told them with joy how and who had changed my life. They had to believe what they saw and knew it was a miracle. One day a cripple, next day, a healty body again after all those years. Proof that prayer is answered and miracles are worked.

I was baptized on July 28, a most memorable day. The prayers and blessing were so true, deep, and sincere. I know and have found out that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true Church. It hss been proved so many times, and the many ways and times the Heavenly Father has blessed me.

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I am so happy in the Church. I have been called, and now enjoy being the “Magazine Rep.”

I could write a book on my life as a member of the Mormon Church. The missionaries are truely “messengers” from the Heavenly Father. Their visits are still the great joy of the week, and their spiritual thought on leaving are so deep and sincere.

I believe the Heavenly Father gave back my health so I could help and work for His messengers on this earth. I am so greatly blessed daily. I trust you can understand what I am trying to say. My feet have been put on the Rock by the helpl from the Heavenly Father’s messengers. I hope, pray and have faith that my health will continue for I want to be a witness to the world. The Church is true, prayer is answered, and miracles are worked. I am proof.

Olive J. Richardson

Sis. Noorlander added at the end of the letter, “This is what missionary work is all about.”

Dorothy Noorlander with missionaries