Remembering Special Days!

Going strong in her 96th year

Family & Friends Celebrate Dorothy’s Life

Dorothy saved everything and anything that could be stored in a file folder or a box. Bank records, old passports, histories, letters, cards, and pictures—she kept it all. Over time, much of it has lost its meaning. Really, who saves canceled checks going back 40 years?

Certain items were especially important to Dorothy, including cards and letters containing stories, memories, and expressions of love. She kept virtually every piece of paper ever sent to her. Eight examples out of hundreds, which are typical, are presented below (click to enlarge). The message is consistent: Dorothy’s life is an example of selfless devotion to family, friends, and Church, which she loved with all her heart. She touched the lives of hundreds of people. When her time comes, she will be greatly missed by all who truly know her.

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Dorothy was in the hospital receiving a blood transfusion over Thanksgiving 2017. Here she is, in her 96th year, passing time listening to speakers from the latest LDS General Conference. She was true to her faith, learning and growing until the very end.

Son – Dan Noorlander

Grandson – Reed Noorlander

Niece – Kelli Rohner Jagger

Family Friend – Rocky Kerr

Best Friend – Wyetta Branigan

Granddaughter – Katelynn Chase

Neighbor – Marian Clegg

Mission – Pres. & Sis. Pugsley

Dorothy Lillywhite – 1944


Letter from Katelynn Noorlander Chase


Letter from Reed Noorlander


Letter from Dan Noorlander Jr.


Letter from Kelli Rohner Jagger

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Ben and Kelli Rohner Jagger. August 1979.


Letter from Wyetta Branigan


Letter from Rocky Kerr


Letter from Marian Clegg


Letter from President and Sister Pugsley