Remembering Special Days!

Going strong in her 96th year

Reed’s family visited grandma Dorothy on Friday, December 8, 2017. Dorothy was still recovering from her ordeal in the hospital over the Thanksgiving holiday. She was weak and unable to walk, so her bed was moved into the front room where she could watch her favorite movie, “Sound of Music.” Pictured (L to R): Jocelyn Noorlander, Grandma Dorothy, Reed Noorlander, and Grayson (15 months old).

Dorothy Noorlander

Dorothy in the Sanpete Valley Hospital November 24, 2017, the day after Thanksgiving. For weeks she was quick to tell people that her Thanksgiving dinner consisted of “two Popsicles.” She actually had two Popsicles and a little chicken broth.

This picture was taken December 3, 2017. Dorothy spends a lot of her time sleeping during the day and into the evening. And in case you were wondering, “No, she never finished the cookie!” She took one bite and fell asleep again.

Hip grandma Noorlander relaxing in a CineMark lounge chair, preparing to watch “Star Wars: The Last Jedi.” It was opening day, December 15, 2017. The 3-D movie presentation held her interest and attention from beginning to end!

December 22, 2017. Having a bad hair day, but very proud of the stars on her shirt. The Sees Candy came from the lovely lady in the next picture, who knew Dorothy before and after dementia, but never stopped visiting her friend.

December 23, 2017. Dorothy with her special friend Florence Hoggan, one of the people who visits Dorothy regularly. She always brings something, including sandwiches, soup, and pastries from Kneaders. She knows that time is what the elderly need most.

December 2017. Dorothy was pretty much my companion wherever I went. I put off going to the dump because there was no way to get her in the truck. She insisted, however, so I made a little platform for the occasion. It turned out to be a big day, especially when I bruised a couple ribs getting her out of the truck. She was sore for several days, but never complained. A dump excursion with her son was, according to her, “worth it.”

December 28, 2017. Dorothy’s last visit with Dr. Robert Armstrong of Manti, Utah. He has been wonderful with her. Many thanks.

December 30, 2017. Dorothy was unable to eat today, although it was one of her favorite meals.

Dorothy Noorlander passed away January 3, 2018.

Georg von Trapp proposing to Maria (soon-to-be) von Trapp. As dementia set in, Sound of Music was the only movie Dorothy wanted to watch, often two or three times a day!

Well, almost.