Guatemala-El Salvador Mission

Elder and Sister Noorlander

Sis. Noorlander provides a short introduction to her photo journal, describing one of her and Elder Noorlander’s first impressions after they arrived in Guatemala. Sis. Noorlander was 93 at the time of this interview.

Elder Noorlander and Magdalena. December 24, 1973. The picture was taken while some of the younger children waited for their mothers to finish making tamales.

President Pablo Choc’s little girls. Their mother and two brothers were killed in the earthquake of 1976.

One of the sweet little sisters from the Patzicia Branch.

This little man is carrying almost as much wood on his back as the horse.

A member’s son helping to put about 100 pounds of corn on his father’s back, who probably weighs only 90 pounds soaking wet.

Brother Mich carrying extra water for his wife. This is not something most men ever do.