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Dorothy and Dan’s Children

Photo History
(Click here for additional Susan, Debbie, and Danny Noorlander baby pictures)
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Davis, California. 1958. Dorothy Lillywhite Noorlander, Danny, Dan Noorlander, Susan, Debbie.

Davis, California. 1957. Danny, Dorothy Noorlander, Susan, Debbie.

Covina, California, at grandma and grandpa Lillywhite’s house. About 1965. Debbie, Susan, Dorothy Noorlander, Danny, Dan Noorlander.

Dorothy Noorlander, pregnant with Debbie. 1950.

Dorothy Lillywhite Noorlander with Susan when she was about 3 months old. 1948.

Los Angeles, California. 1952. Lillywhite family reunion. Dorothy and Dan Noorlander with Susan (standing) and Debbie.

Dorothy Noorlander with Susan. About 5 months. 1949.

Danny, Debbie, and Susan Noorlander.

Susan and Debbie Noorlander. Inglewood, California. 1951.

Susan Noorlander. 1952.

Dan with Debbie, Danny (baby), and Susan. 1953.

Susan and Debbie with their dad, Dan Noorlander, in 1954.

Debbie 4 years. Danny 18 months. Susan 6 years. 1954.


Susan Noorlander at six weeks old on her blessing day. 1948.

Dan Noorlander holding Debbie Noorlander, about 10 months. 1952.

Susan 3½ years. Debbie 7 months. Grandma and grandpa’s house.

Susan 3½ years. Debbie 9 months. Grandma and grandpa’s house in LeMert Park, California.

Susan 3 years. Debbie 14 months. Easter 1952. “Susan said she was too tired to smile!”

Susan 4 years. Debbie 1½ years. 1951.

Susan 4½ years. Debbie 2 years.

Debbie 2 years.

Debbie Noorlander 4 years. Danny Noorlander 2 years.

Susan 5 years. Danny 9 months. Debbie 3 years. Pasadena, California.

Susan 5 years. Danny 9 months.

Danny Noorlander. One week old. Inglewood, California. June 1953. First home.

Danny Noorlander. Four weeks old.

Danny Noorlander. Six weeks old.

Uncle Verl Lillywhite holding Danny Noorlander. 6 months. Madera, California.

Danny Noorlander. 9½ months. March 1954.

Danny Noorlander

Danny Noorlander. 20 months. 1955.

Danny Noorlander

Danny Noorlander. 21 months. Chowchilla, California.

Danny Noorlander. 2½ years. Grandpa LeRoi’s ranch in Chino, California.

Okay, at 6 and 10 years old the next two aren’t baby pictures. They are, however, two of my favorites because of the memories.

Danny Noorlander. 6 years. 1959. Grandpa Lillywhite's boat, with Grandpa Lillywhite.

Danny Noorlander. 10 years. 1963. Monona Grove (5 miles outside Madison), Wisconsin. 21 fish.

Danny Noorlander

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