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Dorothy’s Teen Years

Photo History

Dorothy Lillywhite. Age 12. 1934.

Dorothy Lillywhite. Age 17. 1940.

Dorothy Lillywhite - 18 years

Dorothy Lillywhite. Age 18. Inglewood, California. 1940.

Dorothy Lillywhite. Age 18. Graduation from High School. 1940.

Dorothy Lillywhite. Age 19. 1941. Gold and Green Ball queen. Attendants: Marge Engilman, Naomi Freedman.

Dorothy Lillywhite. Age 19. 1941.

Inglewood Gold and Green Ball Queen
Dorothy Lillywhite dancing with Art Mortensen. Age 19. 1941.

Inglewood, California. 1944. Pictured (L-R): Elaine Anderson, Arlene, Ethel, Lynn Palmer, Dorothy Lillywhite, Helen Anderson.

Barbara, Helen, Dorothy Lillywhite, Mary. 1944.

Inglewood Ward Can-can Girls. California 1944.
Left to right: Eyvonne Rohner Lillywhite, Barbara Goodwin, Lynn Palmer, Dorothy Lillywhite, Marge Engilman.
Dorothy’s future husband, Dan Noorlander, was in the South Pacific fighting in World War II.

Dorothy Lillywhite in the Hughes Conference room. 1944.

Dorothy Lillywhite - 18 years