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Dorothy’s Marriage

Photo History

Dorothy and Dan Noorlander wedding reception. August 3, 1945. There was also a newspaper announcement.

Dan Noorlander. July 1945. Two weeks before wedding.

Alice the Car — San Luis Obispo, California

Dorothy: “1929 Chev. San Luis Obispo, California. 1945-46. Sitting on our first car, which Grandma Noorlander had for Danny when he came home from World War II. We called her ‘Alice.’ We were able to buy a later model after Dan graduated, so we gave it to the Cal and Eyvonne Rohner who came from Inglewood to pick it up. It was parked in front of our first aparment. We had been married about six months. Sitting on the car are Cal, Dorothy, Eyvonne, Ethel (friend who lived in the other half of the duplex), and Dan standing by the car.”

Ranch in Lakeside, Oregon. 1946. Pictured (L-R):Dan and Dorothy Noorlander, Wayne and Pearl Dewitt (Dan’s sister and brother-in-law), Johannes and Anna Noorlander (Dan’s parents). Little boy: “Waynie” (Dan’s nephew). Click here for enlargement of the family.

Dorothy Noorlander in Lakeside, Oregon, 1946.

Dorothy in Lakeside, Oregon, eight months pregnant with her first daughter Dahrl Jean, who died December 15, 1946, only two days after her birth on December 13, 1946. Dorothy was taking a plane to Eugene, Oregon on her way to California. Because the airport was fogged in, they had to return to Lakeside. Dan was able to get her a different flight to spare her the long drive to California.

Dan with friend John Mortelero in 1946, at school in San Luis Obispo, California.

Dan and Dorothy (right) with friends (left) in San Luis Obispo, California, where Dan was going to school. Dorothy is holding Susan, then six weeks old. 1948.

Dorothy and Dan Noorlander at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo

Dorothy and Dan Noorlander in 1948 at California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo).

Dan’s graduation from college in 1949. Pictured (left to right): Dan Noorlander, Dorothy Lillywhite Noorlander, Cleo Lillywhite, Roy Lillywhite (behind hats), and Eyvonne Lillywhite. Insert: Roy and Cleo Lillywhite, Dorothy’s parents.

Dan Noorlander at Cal Poly in 1948.

Dan’s graduation photo in 1949.

Dorothy Lillywhite Noorlander. Los Angeles, California. 1952. 30 years old.

Dorothy and Dan at Gold and Green Ball in 1959.


Noorlander Newspaper Announcement

Dorothy Noorlander in Lakeside, Oregon. 1946.

Dorothy and Dan Noorlander at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo