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Dorothy’s Siblings

Photo History

Family of LeRoi Orwin and Cleopha Thomas Lillywhite. 1943.
Back row: Roy Jr., Dahrl, Verl. Front row: Eyvonne, Dorothy.

Home in Inglewood, California. 1944.
Dorothy and Dahrl Lillywhite.

Dahrl Lillywhite

Lillie, Dorothy, Dahrl, and Eyvonne Lillywhite

Lilli Lillywhite (sister-in-law; Roy Jr.’s wife), Dorothy Lillywhite Noorlander, Dahrl Lillywhite Long, Eyvonne Lillywhite Rohner.

Eyvonne and Cal Rohner

Jeff and Verl Lillywhite.

Cal Rohner Family — Inglewood, California
Back: Tim, Kent, Cal, Eyvonne, Kelli. Dad’s lap: Cal Wayne.

Call For Pictures

I need a lot more sibling pictures. If I receive enough, I’ll open up a separate page for each family.

Lillie, Dorothy, Dahrl, and Eyvonne Lillywhite