Dorothy Noorlander passed away January 3, 2018

She was in her 96th year

Dorothy’s final picture, her obituary, and a tribute from her son.

Dorothy’s graveside service held January 5, 2018 in the Hurricane City Cemetery.

Pictures of Dorothy’s final days on earth.

Dorothy & Dan Noorlander

Two Lives Worth Emulating!

The years have passed like a dream in the night. Dan died more than 25 years ago on October 3, 1990 (Dorothy’s birthday). And Dorothy, now in her 96th year, is nearing the end of her own days on earth. Remembering their lives helps sustain us in good times and bad, as we strive to live as they lived in service to God, family, and country.

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  • Dorothy on her 95th birthday
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Dorothy Noorlander - 90th Birthday
Ancestors of Dorothy Noorlander
Dorothy Noorlander's Parents
Dorothy Noorlander - 3 months old
Dorothy Noorlander - 12 years old
Dorothy Noorlander's Siblings
Dan and Dorothy Noorlander
Susan and Debbie Noorlander
War Years
Dan Noorlander
Dorothy Noorlander
Dorothy Noorlander
Dorothy Noorlander - 19 years old

Site Highlights

Dorothy Noorlander in the Mt. Pleasant Hospital

Dorothy spent her Thanksgiving holiday (November 23, 2017) receiving a blood transfusion. For those in the know, a normal hemoglobin for a woman her age is 11.7 to 13.8 gm/dL. Dorothy’s was 5.2 when she went into the hospital (i.e., her condition was critical). Nevertheless, no matter how many times she was poked with a needle, or had an I.V. go bad, no matter what time of day or night it was, she thanked everyone in the room for helping her, and wondered when they got to go home to be with their families. The smile evident in this picture never left her face, including when she received chicken broth and a Popsicle for her Thanksgiving dinner. She thanked the nurses for making it, and told them how good it was!

Dorothy Noorlander in the Mt. Pleasant Hospital